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Stand-up Comedian, Writer, and Podcaster

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TERHUNE IT MAY CONCERN: If you’re not already a fan of this

up-and-coming, gentle comedic giant, then get in here, you liberal anime characters! And get off of Brent’s lawn! 

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Let‘s backtrack a little. Where did the "Rantz Brent" character come from, and what served as inspiration to create him? The character came from watching people burn their Nike products and NFL season tickets in reaction to Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during The National Anthem. What continues to serve as an inspiration for the character is any person who rants in their truck about whatever current event is happening. Millions of people are searching for an answer or solution to any given problem, but yet, this person in the front seat of their Silverado has all the answers and they’re going to fix them in a 3 minute truck rant.

I love watching people rant.

You‘re probably a hero to countless, real-life Ranters! Would the Rantz guy be a typical personality that one would find in Indiana?

The Truck Rantz Guy could definitely be a Hoosier, but I’ve seen truck rant videos from all over the U.S. Maybe it’s not so much an Indiana thing so much as it’s an American thing? It’s like rednecks, they’re not exclusively from the south-they’re everywhere.

What is the comedy scene like in Indiana and what was it like for you first starting out there?
Comedy is really good in Indiana. We have several full-time comedy clubs in the state and the comedians here have been great about creating and fostering an independent scene. With the help of the internet, it’s been easier to reach and stay in touch with an audience and not be in New York City or Los Angeles.

How are you feeling about comedy as a whole, in this era of the apocalypse? Do you see yourself getting back out on the road and touring at some point - maybe even coming to Europe?

Live comedy has been put on hold in many places across the U.S., but comedy clubs and independent venues have found ways to keep audiences safe-outdoor shows and live-streamed shows. Comedians

have had to pivot from live shows to doing more online content wether it be videos, podcasts or livestreams. It’s been a chance to step back from

live performance and learn how to adapt comedy to an online landscape.

Have you spent much time in Europe and if so, how was it? If not, what’s wrong with Europe?!
I’ve never been to Europe mostly because it’s the thing my character hates the most-it’s UNAMERICAN!
In all seriousness, I’d love to go to Europe if the world doesn’t end here in the next year.


Holland really should give you your own little kingdom, just for being such a rad descendant! Thank you for spending some time with us, and Happy New Year!

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Brent Terhune


Also, check out Brent’s Cameo page.

Please state your name and occupation.

Brent Terhune - Comedian.

And please confirm for the record that we have never met.

We have never met.

Thank you.


First of all, huge congratulations on being named Variety‘s "10 Comics To Watch For 2020“! How did it feel to get that piece of news?

It felt really great to get the news. To get any kind of recognition, but especially from Variety, is a tremendous honor and adds a legitimacy to

the work I’ve been doing. Also, to be mentioned among the other comics on the list was very cool since I know they’re tremendous talents.

Now, Brent. Terhune is a Dutch name, isn‘t it? Have you spent much time in Holland, and if you have, what was that like for you? If you haven‘t, what’s wrong with Holland?!
I have no idea what Terhune is, but I can tell you my single biggest problem with Holland, and the reason I’ve never been, is because of all the cancer-causing windmills. They’re surely a danger to all who live there.

Your fan base is exploding right now, especially on twitter! How do you feel about it finally dawning on people that your Truck Rantz character is... A CHARACTER?
It’s been fun to watch people slowly get that my character is in fact, a character. I still have people on various other social media that will fall for it and I love when they comment and “roast” me. Anytime someone can insult me in a funny way-I’m all for it. I am, however, glad that many people are getting the character because it means people are paying attention and actually realizing that what I’m saying, isn’t actually what I’m saying.

Is it bewildering to you to receive so many truly moronic hate comments on your videos?
It’s bewildering, scary, and a little disheartening. I want to have faith that people will actually pick up on the subtle and not-so-subtle hints that I’m dropping, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. It’s also sad that in today’s society, at least in the U.S., a parody has to be so over the top because real people are so outrageous to begin with.

You‘ve listed Chappelle, Rock, and Hedberg as some of your comedic favorites; are there any international artists who have influenced your work? As far as intentional comics-I really like Jim Jeffries, John Oliver, Tommy Tiernan, and Stewart Lee. Sacha Baron Cohen has also been a huge influence on me. I love Borat-VERY NICE.

Your video output is so impressive on so many levels; your commitment to the character, the quality and quantity of hilarious jokes, the props - true brilliance! I hope you never tire of doing Rantz guy, he‘s such an oasis on this scorched Earth right now. What else can we Rantzers look forward to from you in the near-fewtch?

I think people can expect even more Truck Rantz as well podcasts, stand up clips and non-political, non-ranty videos. I’m on two weekly podcasts-both are available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify:

The Field Trip w/ Brent Terhune and The Cafeteria Podcast.

You mentioned maybe producing some non-political, non-ranty videos - what kind of content would those videos have? Music? You could rant at us through song! My non-political videos have usually been based on current events a la Weekend Update on SNL. I also love Bigfoot and ghost hunting shows as well as conspiracy theories so I’ve done a few videos on those subject. 


I took the liberty of tracing the origin of your name, Terhune AND

the following is fact: “Ter” means “at” in Dutch; and “Hune” is actually “Huinen” - which is an area in Holland about 30 miles east of Amsterdam! You’re totally Dutch, get back here!

I’m looking forward to finally going to the land of my people. It will be a great let down if I’m not welcomed with open arms and cheers. 


Boxers or Brief? Biden or Trump? Heineken or Budweiser?

Boxer briefs. Biden. Vodka.

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