About Caroline-up:


"Who the hell are you?"

Well, I'll tell you.

I'm a Californian freelance/journalist/blogger, living in Düsseldorf, Germany since 1987. With my daughter, Berlin-based Communications Designer, Georgia Timmerberg, we produce filmed and written interviews with people whom we love and admire in Music and Comedy. Those interviews are then posted on Social Media and here on Caroline-up.com


"Why do you do this?"


Well, I'll tell you.


What started as an experiment, has slowly grown into ...my empire! Or, this nice website. And on this nice website, you'll find... my creations! Or, interviews and links that I think you'll enjoy.


I can supply you with answers to any questions you may have about the site, just click on: 'Caroline-up' to pull up a contact form, and ask away!


Thank you for visiting, and if you enjoyed your stay here, let me know!

(You tracked some dirt in with you, though. Slob.)


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